Classic External Bulletproof Vest (III-A)

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Looking for a strong bulletproof vest at an affordable price? Our Classic External Bulletproof Vest (III-A) has you covered! Straight forward, affordable, and strong –this effective bulletproof vest provides everything you need to stay protected. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get your vest today! 


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According to statistics, Americans are 25 times more likely to be killed in a gun homicide compared to people in other high-income countries. Keep yourself well-defended against gun violence with our Classic External Bulletproof Vest (III-A). Initially designed for security professionals and now very popular with regular people, this vest will give you the bulletproof protection that you need against fatal gun shots. 

STRONG PROTECTION: Tested to level III-A (ambient) ballistic resistance, the Classic External Bulletproof Vest (III-A) will keep you protected from handgun rounds from 9mm up to .44mag; including .45 and .357sig ammunition traveling at high speeds. The premium soft inner ballistic panels (tested to III-A, ambient)are manufactured with strong high-quality ballistic fibers and are thermo-sealed in order to prevent moisture and water from entering the panels. The III-A soft inner ballistic panels are included in the front and back of the vest’s inner pockets, and also provide partial side protection to help keep you safe wherever you are. The soft III-A panels panels are removable in case you want to wash the vest carrier.

In addition, each III-A soft ballistic panel features an additional layer of internal “trauma foam” to provide an extra layer of protection that reduces the blunt trauma force of a bullet’s impact with ease. This specialized “trauma foam” within the panels of the Classic External Bulletproof Vest (III-A) helps reduce the risk of suffering internal injuries such as broken rib-cage bones if shot at. Even more, the “trauma foam” layer in the ballistic panels helps mold to the user’s body to create a comfortable and flexible feel when wearing this vest, especially for prolonged periods of times.

Looking to get even more protection against higher caliber bullets? The Classic External Bulletproof Vest (III-A) features front and back external plate pockets where you can insert level III or level IV hard armor plats (HAP’s) in case you need additional protection for high-risk situations. This vest has it all!

Enjoy a peace of mind that you are shielded from gunshots fired in front of you, or behind you, no matter where you are.


ENHANCED COMFORT: The last thing you need is a bulletproof vest that feels uncomfortable to wear. This is why our Classic External Bulletproof Vest (III-A) is manufactured with sleek and comfortable vest fabric, and is fitted with adjustable straps on the shoulders, and on the waste, to make sure it fits you comfortably. You can adjust the vest to fit your body type well, and make sure that is stays snug on you during your activities.

With its modular design, the Classic External Bulletproof Vest (III-A) can be worn, and removed with ease, and the inner ballistic panels can be removed in case you want to wash the vest carrier after use.

EASY-FIT SIZING: Need help choosing a size? Check out our easy size chart to help you choose the best size for your body. This bulletproof vest is designed to be unisex and is equipped with adjustable velcro straps & flaps to help fit well to your body. What happens if you get the vest and it doesn’t fit? Don’t worry! We have a great exchange & return policy to make sure you get the best vest for your individual body type.

WHO USUALLY BUYS THIS VEST? Due to its reliable bullet-stopping properties and economical price point, many Americans depend on the Classic External Bulletproof Vest (III-A) for day-to-day gunshot protection. Store it in your car, keep it at home, or wear it whenever you are on duty.

Notable users of this vest include: security guards, hunters, jewelers, postal / delivery workers, press / news staff, rangers, cash in transit workers, hunters, preppers, religious group, EMT / paramedics, and just normal everyday Americans like you and us who want to make sure they have a bulletproof vest to stay protected in case of emergency.AFFORDABILITY:The best thing about our Classic External Bulletproof Vest (III-A)is that it is made available at a budget friendly price for all Americans! Unlike expensive body armor that is marked up by dealers and re-sellers, our bulletproof vest comes direct from the manufacturer and is priced affordably for men and woman across America. There is no need to break the bank to enjoy dependable protection against deadly weapons.

AFFORDABLE FINANCING FOR YOU (interest-free!): Need to finance your order in multiple payment installments? No problem! We will divide your order into 4 interest-free payments. Simply select “AfterPay” at checkout, and you can pay with your credit / debit card, and you order will be shipped immediately with your payment broken down into 4 easy interest-free payments

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- Strong ballistic protection on front, back, sides, tested to level III-A (ambient)that resists up to .44mag bullets.
- Vest carrier is manufactured with durable nylon, jet black color, that is strong and washable.
- Lightweight and comfortable modular design –only 5.5 lbs for size L.
- Arrives ready to use with the III-A panels inserted in the vest –just remove it from the protective plastic bag and it’s ready to use immediately. Our customers call this vest the “no frills bulletproof vest.”
- Includes front and back hard armor plate (HAP) pockets to insert additional level III or level IV hard armor plates (hard armor plates sold serpately).
- Adjustable straps allow the vest to fit your body type. Affordable & financing available! (Select AfterPay at checkout).

With gun violence ratesand home invasionsrising across America, thousands of Americans are buying bulletproof vests to stay protected. Stay safe with complete confidence. Don’t live in fear and buy the Classic External Bulletproof Vest (III-A) TODAY!