Government Users

Government Users

Serving American Military, Law Enforcement & Other American Security Agencies.

Law enforcement and military make up a large part of the users of the helmets provided by BulletProofVestsUSA.

LEOs and Veterans trust our bulletproof vests to keep them safe, and we are proud to work closely with different security agencies around the USA.

View our FAQs to find out more about our vests and how to get one for your agency. Or contact us to speak to a government procurement specialist at

Are you a LEO / MIL or Veteran? Contact us for our special LEO / MIL and Veteran promo code!! And thank YOU for your service!!

Do you work for a police department or government agency that needs bulletproof vests?

Get a Quote

Contact our government sales team at or 1 (888)-577-8829 for bulk quotes for your department.


Purchase Orders

Purchase orders (PO’s) are accepted from government agencies in the USA (local, state, and federal) and we are happy to work with your procurement department on customized orders or any other request you may have.

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