Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A)

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Looking to keep man’s best friend safe from being caught in gun fire? You’ve found the right vest for your dog. Our Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A) is lightweight and protective in order to keep your dog safe.

This item is only available in black color. 

Designed in a modular harness shape, our Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A) is strong and provides bullet proof protection for the dog’s vital organs. Manufactured with strong nylon and polyester, this vest fits securely to the dog’s body and can be adjusted with strap sand clips. The Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A) can be used for dogs participating in tactical operations, as well as for household pets during walks or to wear when outside. Give your dog what he or she deserves –buy a Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A) today to help prevent your dog from danger.


The Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A) is tested to level III-A (ambient) ballistic resistance, and will keep your canine protected from handgun rounds from 9mm up to .44mag; including .45 and .357sig ammunition traveling at high speeds.

This specially designed bulletproof vest for dogs is designed to offer vital organ protection, while also being lightweight and helping not over-heat the dog wearing the vest. The vest is designed with nylon and polyester fabric, and allows for the attachment of various pouches or accessories. The vest can be wiped clean very easily, and comes in three (3) sizes based on the type of dog.


What size is right for my dog? Check out the below size information to help you choose the best sized vest Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A):

Regular Size: This is vest for dogs that weight 70lbs or less. Common breeds include German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians, and similar sized adult dogs. 

Large Size: This is designed for dogs that weight 70lbs or more, or breeds larger than those of the regular size.

Note: If your dog is on the cusp between Regular and Large, then we normally suggest going with the Large size so that it will fit comfortably on your dog.


Our Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A):has been a favorite for police and security workers that use canine dogs (K9) as well as for individual people who want to make sure their dog is safe. Traveling to a new place, or going out with your dog? Keep our Canine (K9) Dog
Bulletproof Vest (III-A)in your vehicle in case you get caught in a dangerous situation. Many users also keep a spare Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A) at home in case of a home attack or to have a peace of mind for their dog’s safety.


Normally, this style of vest costs thousands of dollars –but not with us! Without compromising on quality, we provide this vest at an extremely affordable price so that YOU can afford to protect yourself. The Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A) is priced affordably so that YOU can get it for when your canine (K9) dog needs it the most –now you can buy it today!

Unlike expensive tactical gear that is marked up by tactical stores and dealers, our bulletproof vest comes direct from the manufacturer and is priced affordably for men and woman across America. There is no need to break the bank to enjoy dependable protection against deadly weapons.

Need to finance your order in multiple payment installments? No problem! We will divide your order into 4 interest-free payments. Simply select “AfterPay” at checkout, and you can pay with your credit / debit card, and you order will be shipped immediately with your payment broken down into 4 easy interest-free payments.

- Strong ballistic protection tested to level III-A (ambient) that resists up to .44mag bullets
- Includes strong bulletproof protectionthat covers the vital organs of your dog / canine
- Includes a strong buckles and straps in order for the vest to fit well on your dog / canine
- Vest carrier is manufactured with durable nylonthat is strong and east to clean.
- Comfortablemodular designthat provides flexibility and mobility.
- Arrives ready to use with the III-A panels inserted in the vest –just remove it from the protective plastic bag and it’s ready to use immediately.
- Available in black or dark-tan color (this is the color shown in the photos).
- Affordable & financing available! (Select AfterPay at checkout).

If you want an safe bulletproof vest for your dog / canine, get the Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A)/With violent crime at one of its highest levels across America, thousands of Americans are buying bulletproof vests for their dogs stay protected. Don’t wait and risk the life of your four-legged friend -buy the Canine (K9) Dog Bulletproof Vest (III-A) TODAY!