FRESH-TAC Full Face Gas Mask

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When a gas mask with one filter is not enough to keep you safe, you need a strong gas mask with a double filter system. Our FRESH-TACFull Face Gas Mask will provide you the safety, and back-up safety you need.

Originally produced for high-intensity SWAT missions and law enforcement operations, the FRESH-TAC Full Face Gas Mask is an extremely durable and secure gas mask resists some of the most toxic chemicals that can harm the human body. What makes this gas mask different from other models is that it includes two (2) integrated filters (canisters) to allow an extra-clear breathing system. Or in situation where you are un able to take time to change your filter, you can activate one, while the other remains in reserve.

This FRESH-TAC Full Face Gas Mask full-face view port provides the users with a huge view range, and is treated with an anti-fog treatment. This mask is one size fits all, with a durable and adjustable rubber suspension system to fit multiple head sizes

What will this mask resist? In addition to standard toxic smoke, fog, and other natural chemicals, it will resist well against tear gas (CS gas), pepper spray, mace spray, as well as other irritants. For a full list of chemical resistance, see ourfilter specifications below

The best thing about our FRESH-TAC Full FaceGas Mask? We include TWO (2)40-mm threadedfilters(canisters) for free. Yes, that’s right –you get two free canister (a $99.98value) for you to store safely with your gas mask for the day that you need to use it.The filter attaches easily to the gas mask, and can be removed or replaced by using only one hand

Do yourself a favor-and keep this mask for when you may need it.

- Resists a range of toxic chemicals that can permanently harm or kill humans
- Includes two (2) filter ports for extra safety, and comes with two (2) filters for free.
- Features a durablesix (6) point suspension system (adjustable for different head sizes)
- Comfortable, lightweight, and protective.
- Arrives ready to use –just remove it from the protective packaging and it’s ready to use immediately.
- Includes 2filtersfor free (40mm threaded).
- Affordable & financing available! (Select AfterPay at checkout).

This gas mask is made for the pro’s. If they trust it, you should too. Get what you need to stay protected, and save your life