Terminator-X Riot Helmet

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Riot Helmets are used by security professionals to provide protection for the head, face, and back of neck from non-ballistic impact threats.

Are you a government user or need bulk quotes (discounts available).

Please email us at:info@BulletProofHelmetsUSA.com for a bulk quote. Yes, we accept government purchase orders ( PO’s )!

Keep yourself safe during riots and civil unrest with our tough Riot Helmet, with mounted steel face bars.

Every year, riot helmets save hundreds, if not thousands, of user’s lives from head injuries. Whether an individual person getting stuck in a riot, a law enforcement officer using a riot helmet, or anyone else in between, the TERM-X Riot Helmet is a specially-designed piece of head protection to protect users from non-ballistic handheld item threats during riots and protests.Stay safe during civil unrest, and get this riot helmet TODAY! 

Starting from the front, the TERM-X Riot Helmet has a thick transparent visor (or otherwise known as a face shield), manufactured of durable poly carbonate that extends from the top of the forehead to the user’s chin. This strong visor is attached to the top of the helmet and includes a fluid-seal guard to protect against fluids from leaking from on top of the visor.In addition, there is steel face cage (face bars) fixed onto of the visor to add an additional level of impact protection from other impact threats. The visor and face cage are security attached to the helmet shell in 5 spots in order to allow the maximum protection of the Term-X Riot Helmet.

Moving along the top of the TERM-X Riot Helmet, the helmet shell is manufactured with high density hard polymer plastic composites which protects against a variety of non-ballistic (non-bulletproof) low-impact anti-riot threats such as bottles, rocks, sticks, certain chemicals/fluids, and other hand-held anti-riot threats. Hand-held riot threats are among the most dangerous threats during civil unrest and the TERM-X Riot Helmet can help prevent major head trauma. 

The TERM-X Riot Helmet includes an adjustable chin strap, along with a quick release button to quickly remove the helmet. In addition, the interior of
the helmet is lined with thick foam for comfort, and additional anti-impact protection.

Looking for a helmet to keep you safe during riots or civil unrest? Go for this TERM-X Riot Helmet– You won’t regret it!

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Are you a government user or need bulk quotes (discounts available).
Please email us at:info@BulletProofVestsUSA.com for a bulk quote. Yes, we accept government purchase orders ( PO’s )!

- Strong ballistic protection on front, back, sides, tested to level III-A (ambient) that resists up to .44mag bullets.
- Includes front, back, sides, shoulders, upper arm (removable), neck (removable) and groin (removable) bulletproof protection
- Durable MOLLE webbing straps on the front, back, and sides for you to attach MOLLE accessories / pouches to the vest.
- Featuresa Velcro patch (female Velcro) on front to attach decals / patches.
- Includes a strong drag-strap handle (man down handle) on upper back of vest.
- Vest carrier is manufactured with durable nylon, jet black color, that is strong and washable.
- Comfortablemodular designthat provides flexibility and mobility.
- Arrives ready to use with the III-A panels inserted in the vest –just remove it from the protective plastic bag and it’s ready to use immediately.
- Includes front and back hard armor plate (HAP) pockets to insert additional level III or level IV hard armor plates (hard armor plates sold separately)
- Adjustable straps allow the vest to fit your body type
- Affordable & financing available! (Select AfterPay at checkout).